Strategic PMO Solution

Become efficient, create transparency, measure and improve.

Features used by top management and leaders to quickly understand the situation and progress.

your personal landing / welcome page with your text and important links.

roadmap view with project phases / governance view

roadmap view with project milestones and decisions

customized grouping of projects to create personalized views

health dashboard with project KPIs / score card view

board meeting feature with decisions, decision log and decision workflow

Features used by everybody to increase transparency and efficiency.

project progression vs. planned delivery

automated reporting feature (upcoming milestones, decisions, etc.)

Status report with trends and history

detailed project view with phases, deliverables, milestones and decisions

project status and progress reporting

budget and cost management (planned, actuals, change requests, etc.)

risk management & mitigation actions

milestones and achievement tracking

project meeting feature with decisions, decision log and decision workflow

Wagile: Directly measurable impacts.

Improved time to market.

Increased stakeholder satisfaction.

Faster decision making.

Higher cost reliablility.

Wagile: works with your current agile as well as waterfall delivery model.


Wagile: Our key success factors are the ability of quick, informed decision making, the empowerment of responsible delivery teams and a transparent and fast information sharing.

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