Wagile: Make your organisation move and act as one single entity.

The introduction of agile methodologies have not significantly increased the efficiency of project delivery over the last years. With the entry of lean and reactive competitors there is a strong need of flexibility to secure market share and revenue. Corporations have to adapt towards responsive and service oriented organizations.


We believe that the critical success factor to master this new competition is the ability to make corporations move and act as one single entity and to fully use their internal existing excellence of individual organisational units, agile or not makes no real difference. This is the birth of Wagile.


Wagile: Delivering advantages for your organisation

fast and informed decisions by management

realistic management expectations

improved project delivery performance

increased workforce productivity

improved time to market

higher cost realiability

controlled delivery

committed and satisfied teams

cost control

projects become comparable

high visibility

easy to implement

Wagile: increase your delivery performance

The WAGILE Decision Model stimulates anticipatory and informed decision making by imposing legitimation and accountability to decision makers. Accelerate your decision making!

The concept of ROADMAPiSATIONfacilitates the companywide alignment of capital expenditures and project selection by introducing simplicity and a healthy competition for limited resources.

The concept of Commercial Seasons realizes economies of scale for Go to Market. It defines a delivery frame common for business and IT activities. It has a common vocabulary and facilitates communication.

The WAGILE Monitoring Model defines standard delivery milestones and performance indicators valid for all projects. It enables comparison and project performance monitoring and allows the setting of transparent targets.

The WAGILE Authority Frame describes concepts of empowerment and pragmatic accountability – the awareness for the individual impact on productivity. It increases engagement and motivation of the team.

An exemplary implementation of WAGILE

Wagile: Directly measurable impacts.

Improved time to market.

Increased stakeholder satisfaction.

Faster decision making.

Higher cost reliablility.

Wagile: works with your current agile as well as waterfall delivery model.


Wagile: Our key success factors are the ability of quick, informed decision making, the empowerment of responsible delivery teams and a transparent and fast information sharing.