Are you and your organization ready for your Digital Transformation?
It is a question of mindset!

If you can answer the following questions with YES,

then you are in a good shape to successfully start

your digital transformation.

Is your organization open for change?

A digital transformation is a change of mindset. Does your organisation welcome new ideas? Are you able to prioritize these ideas? Are you able to take and actively manage risks? Is your organization able to accept mistakes or does a blame culture exist?

Digital Transformation and resulting business change needs to be embraced throughout the organization. Change can then be fun, exciting and motivating for the workforce.

Is your organization ready to re-organize?

A digital transformation requires organizational change. Is your organization nimble enough to change organizational structures and work processes – may be on a regular basis? Are you able to communicate organizational change? Is your project delivery process robust enough to deliver the required change? Are you prepared to deal with those who resist change?

Undeniably, re-organization and adaption can be stressful, but with focused preparation in the form of management, processes and unequivocal governance a smoother path to a successful conclusion will be laid.

Is your organization able to quickly make decisions – or better – to make decisions at all?

Do you separate decision research and decision making? Do you understand this question? Is your delivery organization aware of your decisions? Does your delivery organization respect your decisions? Are you sure this is the case, so you monitor the application of your decisions making?

Quick Decision making is a key success factor in the digital transformation. You can be as agile as possible – the faster you make informed decisions, the faster you deliver change.

Can your organization measure change delivery performance?

Digital transformation often requires new or adapted delivery and support processes. Do you have a standardized budget approval process? Do your processes support multiple delivery methodologies – agile, waterfall or others? Do you monitor and measure delivery outcomes? How timely is your reporting?  Are real-time dashboards available?

Delivery processes in digital transformations are executed in parallel, sometimes with multiple delivery methodologies. Senior Management must be ready to delegate strategic topics and to empower delivery teams. Are you ready to break organization silos and silo thinking?

Does your organization know where to start?

A digital transformation needs strategic thinking resulting in a strategic roadmap. Any investment should have a strategic fit. In many cases, the digital transformation implies a transformation of your IT, your Network and Data Management – in parallel! Do you have a transformation roadmap? Do you have indicators to identify the strategic fit? Is your IT department empowered through the decision-making process?

The decision for or against innovative technologies will be a key success factor for digital transformations. IT is an important enabler. Did you know that IT is one of the rare domains where history and legacy is “bad” by default?

So let’s be honest, are you and your organization ready for your Digital Transformation?